SOUTH EAST EUROPE: a Fortnight in Review

Datum izdanja 18.6.2012. - broj 9   Podijeli / šalji / spremi

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introductory epistle
Greek Fire  06

fortnightly news
The Economy  08
Of General Interest  10

fortnightly feature
Croatia: New National Bank Governor
and the Eurozone Future  12

in the margin
The Serbo-Greek Umbilical Cord  18

the economy
Slovenia: From Austerity to Affluence?
Not Quite Yet.  20 

m & a
Mergers & Acquisitions
In Pre-EU Croatia 24

The State of the World Economy  28

A Brief Walk through…‘Cloud’  32

The Man of Two Oaths  36

event horizon
A Bosnian Reshuffle  40

eu accession
Montenegro: The Beginning
of a New Chapter  42

Sveti Stefan:
Crown Jewel of Montenegro 44

good stuff
Tech & Trendy  48

to do list  50

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O časopisu:

South East Europe: a Fortnight in Review (CR)  is the first publication of its kind in Croatia: a twice monthly national English language newspaper for all those seeking high-level analysis of contemporary business, legal, political and cultural affairs and events in Croatia.  The editorial office is well-rounded and, of course, international, and draws on the extensive experience of a composite of full-time professionals and outsourced experts.
News in all its insightful and banal forms is everywhere nowadays, but no newspaper should be solely about the news; the task of every self-respecting broadsheet is to provide and create meaningful context.  This, simply, is our mission.


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