Croatia: a Fortnight in Review

Datum izdanja 23.6.2011. - broj 14   Podijeli / šalji / spremi

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Introductory epistle
5 EU Dreams and EU Nightmares

Fortnightly news
6 The Economy 
7 Of General Interest

Fortnightly feature
8 We’ve Got a Date: EU Berth on 1st July 2013

12 The Spice Affair Goes to Court
13 VIPnet Buys A True Merger

Feature interview
14 Senator Sessions & Maurice McTigue: Straight to the Point

18 EU Funding: The Big Picture

Real estate
22 Croatia’s EU Accession: A Cause for Cautious Optimism

24 Istros Books: Popularising the Regional Written Word

28 Bibliothriller

28 Off the Rails: Taking the Tram in Zagreb    

Human interest
30 New Developments in the Search for Antonija Bilić, Missing Teen

To do list
31 Summer Is Officially Here

Introductory epistle

What a fortnight. Just as we thought that after the Mladić arrest and the Pope’s visit we 
would enter a quieter period and thus be able to dedicate more time and space to leisure and 
all things related, there it goes again. We have finally got a date for EU accession, and it looks 
as though this is it – a dream come true. If it hadn’t been for those fascist orgies (yes, let us 
call what happened in Split fascist orgies); if it hadn’t been for Ivo Sanader, who, in a curious 
turn of events, has changed his mind and now wishes to be extradited to Croatia – if I had to 
speculate, I would say that in Austria he would get a fair trial, meaning at least 20 years in 
prison; whilst in Croatia he has much stronger chips to bargain with, especially given that parliamentary elections are just round the corner, 
which is to say that nobody will be inclined to make waves; if it hadn’t been for the most recent development in the Spice and INA-MOL 
(both of which, naturally, feature Sanader in a leading role) related affairs, the latter of which 
we will have to cover in the next issue thanks to the ever rigid printer’s deadline; if it hadn’t 
been for the most massive search-and-rescue mission and criminal investigation in Croatia’s modern history…
The reader gets the idea.
However one looks at it, things are picking up. The tourist season is off to a good start – so I hear – and I truly cannot complain about the 
last weekend which I spent in Opatija attending the International Leaders’ Summit jointly 
organised by The Adriatic Institute for Public 
Policy and the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformers. In a professional capacity, true, which means that I had to work (and 
behave), but is it not our duty to combine business with pleasure and make the most of it? I 
finally got the opportunity to interview Maurice McTigue, a true reformer whom I’ve admired for quite some time, and also to marvel 
at the extraordinary spectacle of a political alliance of European conservatives speak about 
nothing but reform. “To conserve” and “to reform” would by any moderately tuned linguistic mind be immediately placed on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but such are the 
realities of this post-cold-war era that the progressives are calling themselves conservatives 
and the status-quoers are calling themselves liberals. I, personally, am not confused, as it 
is not difficult to understand the need of those involved in politics to label themselves in some 
way or other. 
The important thing is that I spent a weekend with people who mean well, who have faith 
in the future, and who dedicate their time to looking for practical solutions to practical 
problems. In other words, though generally regarded as Eurosceptics, they hold no grudge 
against the EU as an idea – not even as a kind of mega-state – but against the EU as a Gargantuan, fabulously expensive bureaucratic 
machinery run by non-elected professional administrators. And their criticism rubbed off on 
me, no necessarily because we share the same concerns, but because an image formed itself 
in my mind, a vision of Croatia as a EU member state where, in terms of new opportunities for us Croats, nothing had really changed 
for the better – the only difference being that we’ve been given the right to populate the endless corridors of Brussels and Strasbourg with 
more clerks, secretaries, translators, lawyers, political consultants and MEP-s – the last being a particularly coveted appointment reserved for the apt, the adept and the inept no 
one back home cares about. Needless to say, I recoiled in horror, and almost became a dedicated Eurosceptic myself.
Almost, for we all understand that there is no alternative to the EU. Fortunately, the latest 
public opinion poll, conducted for RTL television, says that 51% of the population are in favour of Croatia joining the EU, 43% against, 
and 8% undecided. This is a marked improvement since a month ago, and in light of the fact that the general tendencies are positive, 
the unavoidable referendum will pass. Croatia will join the EU in roughly two years – and may God have mercy on us all. Not because 
we’ve become a member state, but because we haven’t implemented the necessary reforms. 
In or out, more struggle lies ahead.

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     News in all its insightful and banal forms is everywhere nowadays, but no newspaper should be solely about the news; the task of every self-respecting broadsheet is to provide and create meaningful context.  This, simply, is our mission.


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