Croatia: a Fortnight in Review

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introductory epistle
p.5 A Fortnight to Remember

fortnightly news
p.6 The Economy

fortnightly feature
p.8 A Danse Macabre

p.10 Agrokor Unsuccessful in a Recent Attempt to Acquire a Majority Stake in Mercator
p.11 INA: The Neverending Story

eu accession
p.12 June 23rd Truly a Reality?

real estate
p.14 Road Fraud

legal & regulatory
p.18 Making a Case for Competition Law

p.22 Principled Leadership - an Historical Imperative

in perspective
p.26 Austrian Court Has Ruled: Sanader to Be Extradited

p.28 Back to Nature: Hiking Plitvice Lakes National Park

to do list
p.30 The Merry Month of May

introductory epistle
A Fortnight to Remember

The events – or shall we say epochal occurrences – of the past two weeks have left us newspapermen and newspaperwomen breathless. Osama bin Laden, perhaps the most wanted and sought-after evildoer in the world’s recent memory, was shot to death in his compound in Abodabad, Pakistan, during a carefully planned and executed raid conducted by U.S. Navy Seals. A day earlier, Pope John Paul II was officially beatified in a ceremony at St. Peter’s Square. A day earlier still, and the Royal Wedding breathed hopeful new life into the institution of monarchy. As our feature attests, a single 72-hour period afforded passive consumers of the world news a rare barrage of reports with heavy emotional impact.
This edition of CR – necessarily far more global in its emphasis - might well bear the headline, “Of Angels and Demons,” but that would read too much like the title of a Dan Brown novel or the name of some pretentious horror flick. “Danse Macabre,” our attempt at a more cultured alternative, savours both of the divine and the earthly, the symbolic and the sadly real. And though we neglected to mention it in our articles, this region has some of the best danse macabre murals preserved on the walls of out-of-the way Istrian and Slovenian chapels. Take some time to discover these 14th- and 15th-century gems, and behold the grim celebration they depict: kings, priests, and commoners alike joining hands in a fitful reel towards their mortal end. The only certainties are death and taxes, you’ll remember. (You’ll hear us quote this maxim several times in this issue.)
Amidst the chaotic jumble and exultation of the past two weeks, the Croatian nation, too, has continued to dance along in its own right. We have said it before, but the Croatian State is at a recognisable crossroads: on the eve of EU accession (or perhaps the 11th hour, if Chapter 23 obligations will indeed stand fully met and ready this week) – but beleaguered by the memory of the past that can still be remembered. Croatian generals, heroes of war-time, are incarcerated in The Hague; former Prime Minister Sanader, at least, is soon (in a manner of speaking, for his extradition may in fact take up to a year) to be returned to Croatia to await trial. The world-weary public’s support for EU accession stands at an all-time low.
Still, the well-penned article by our friends from the Adriatic Institute affords us a more measured – and, regardless of all the problems in hand, optimistic – outlook on the future of Croatia. This can only happen, of course, if we too get involved. Change is needed, and it will no longer do to sit back and await someone else to exact it for us.
Igor Dakić

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     Croatia: a Fortnight in Review (CR)  is the first publication of its kind in Croatia: a twice monthly national English language newspaper for all those seeking high-level analysis of contemporary business, legal, political and cultural affairs and events in Croatia.  The editorial office is well-rounded and, of course, international, and draws on the extensive experience of a composite of full-time professionals and outsourced experts.
     News in all its insightful and banal forms is everywhere nowadays, but no newspaper should be solely about the news; the task of every self-respecting broadsheet is to provide and create meaningful context.  This, simply, is our mission.


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