Croatia: a Fortnight in Review

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introductory epistle
p.5 The Salvation Army
fortnightly news
p.6 The Economy
p.7 Of General Interest
fortnightly feature
p.8 Masterplan
p.10 EU Accession: Has the Time Come to Let Croatia In?
in perspective
p.12 Trade, Investment, Efficiency: The Dutch Way
legal & regulatory
p.14 Expat Professionals Beware: Croatia’s Tipping the Scale in Favour of Domestic Employment
p.18 Controversial Bosnian Referendum Cancelled
industry profile
p.22 Five Minutes with the gm of Kempinski
p.26 Spring Tripping in the Parenzana Paradise
p.28 Umagination 2011: The Kickoff Party of the Summer
to do list
p.30 Danger: Major Festivals Ahead
introductory epistle
The Salvation Army
For those of you who, for whichever reason, are not in the know, the two gentlemen masterminding or masterplanning things on the cover are – on the left – Esad Čolaković, Secretary General of CROMA (Croatian Managers’ and Entrepreneurs’ Association), and – on the right – Vladimir Ferdelji, the President of the same Association and the CEO of Elektro-Kontakt, one of Croatia’s principal exporters. A great rarity nowadays, in this country, that a company should generate 90 per cent of its revenues from exports, and a greater rarity still that it should be run by a passionate, honest and astute man, bereft of a political agenda. Unless you deem his desire, or need, to change a few things in this country’s economy “political”. We do not, for the adjective “political” has more than compromised itself. Or, rather, our politicians and public officials have compromised it. More in the Feature.
It was indeed a pleasure interviewing Her Excellency Stella Ronner-Grubačić, the Dutch ambassadress: she is proud of her country – as she should be – but she also believes in this one. It is not uncommon for a diplomat to regard his or her posting to a transitional economy as a kind of “penalty”, but that is certainly not the case here. This will come as a healthy dose of optimism after Boris Divjak’s sober realities, though I am not doing him justice. Mr Divjak, in writing of Croatia’s EU prospects and momentary realities, is also an optimist. Any man who believes in a better future and is willing to work for it is by definition an optimist. Although in this country, in some circles (usually those close to power), he may well be regarded as a member of the fifth column.
Hence, not all is rotten, a politically incorrect (and probably racist) cynic might declare, in the state of Croatistan. There appear to be at least a few individuals on the margins willing to look for a solution, or salvation, if you will. Not perforce for themselves, for the lot. I, personally, believe that I have the ca-pacity to understand this manner of mass redemption, and can only hope that the State will at some point start working for the benefit of the country, and stop courting – or manipulating – the ever elusive electorate and their “acquired” rights. When all known power structures collapse, civic society at its best can finally step in.
In the meantime, before the season of high pressure, meaning before the parliamentary elections, the EU referendum, the Accession Treaty and so forth, off I go to Istria to follow the scenic trail so scenically described by our resident Kiwi, Mr. Josip Babić. No, I lie. Unfortunatelly, I am off to nowhere. But that would be nice, wouldn’t it?
Igor Dakić

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     Croatia: a Fortnight in Review (CR)  is the first publication of its kind in Croatia: a twice monthly national English language newspaper for all those seeking high-level analysis of contemporary business, legal, political and cultural affairs and events in Croatia.  The editorial office is well-rounded and, of course, international, and draws on the extensive experience of a composite of full-time professionals and outsourced experts.
     News in all its insightful and banal forms is everywhere nowadays, but no newspaper should be solely about the news; the task of every self-respecting broadsheet is to provide and create meaningful context.  This, simply, is our mission.


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